STEP WNC Ministries FAQ

What services does STEP WNC provide?

How does one receive services through STEP WNC?

What is the nomination process?

Who may nominate a person to receive service from STEP WNC?

May I nominate myself?

Do all nominated individuals receive service?

Do I need to meet eligibility requirements to receive service?

What types of service may be requested?

What qualifies as a home repair?

What is emargency home repair?

What is the home heating firewood service?

What is the firewood pickup service?

I was nominated. When can I expect to receive service?

What is the approval method?

Will someone inspect my home prior to receiving home repair?

Will someone inspect my home or property prior to receiving home-heating firewood?

Will someone inspect my property before picking up wood for firewood?

Must I be a homeowner to receive home repair services?

Must I be a homeowner to get home-heating firewood?

Does STEP WNC have plans to offer additional services in the future?

Do you offer financial aid so I may make my own home repairs?

What about permits, do I need to get one to have home repairs made?