Firewood Manager

Position Description

The Firewood Manager is appointed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and reports to the CEO. The Firewood Manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of Firewood Ministry of STEP WNC consistent with the direction set by the CEO and Board of Directors, and manages all activity of Firewood Ministry of STEP WNC.

The CEO and Firewood Manager collectively appoint individuals to the Firewood Lead positions.

The Firewood Manager appoints individuals to the Firewood Helper positions.

The Firewood Manager manages all Firewood Leader and Firewood Helper individuals.

The Firewood Manager serves on the Approval Committee, and is responsible to bring recommendations of all Firewood Projects to the Approval Committee for final action.

The Firewood Manager works with the Office Manager and/or staff to coordinate scheduling of all Firewood Projects.

The Firewood Manager is responsible for all STEP WNC tools and equipment assigned for Firewood Projects, including maintaining an inventory and maintaining all in good working condition.

The Firewood Manager is expected to update Project information and log time in the STEP WNC database.

The Firewood Manager is the secondary contact for Firewood Projects to Partner Organizations.