Step WNC Publications

Our Policies

The Board of Directors has established a number of policies that guide all activities of STEP WNC. Included are policies covering Confidentiality, Nondiscrimination, Conflict of Interest, Distribution List, and more. See the list of Our Policies.

Our Guidelines

A number of documents have been prepared providing guidelines for our staff and for the benefit of potential clients and volunteers. Included are guidelines covering Nominations,  Client Approval, Services Offered, and more. See the list or Our Guidelines.

Our Publications

Several documents to inform the general public about our ministry and services offered to the community, and summary publications of some of our policies and guidelines have been produced. These are PDF files that may be downloaded and printed. See the list of Our Publications.

Our Official Records

Several publically available official records are included in this section. These include required IRS filings and our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws under which the ministry operates. See the list of Our Official Records.