Our Guidelines

Client Qualification Guidelines

This document details the qualifications that must be met by clients to receive services from STEP WNC. Qualification is the second STEP to obtain STEP WNC service.

Emergency Home Repair Guidelines

This document details the added requirements for home repairs to meet Emergency status. Emergency status will normally increase the priority of a project with the goal of being able to make the repairs quickly.

Guidelines for Trees We Accept for Firewood

These guidelines identify the conditions under which STEP WNC can accept trees for use in our Firewood Ministry.

Nomination Guidelines

Here you will find all the information necessary in order to make a nomination, of yourself or another person, to receive services from STEP WNC. Nomination is the first STEP.

Project Guidelines

These guidelines detail the entire approval process to obtain STEP WNC services. The first two STEPs are more fully explained in the Nomination Guidelines and Client Qualification Guidelines.

Sensitivity Guidelines and Expectations

This document outlines the STEP WNC Guidelines and Rules and Expectations for attitude, dress, behavior and activities for all Volunteers.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

          This document outlines the privacy requirements for volunteering with STEP WNC.

Volunteer Liability Waiver

This is a required document for all Volunteers to sign.