Nomination Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to answer questions about the nomination process and what you can expect when you make a nomination. All information we receive through the nomination and follow up process is treated as confidential by STEP, WNC. (For further information see our Confidentiality Policy.) Also visit our Project Guidelines which provide information on the entire project cycle.

Who Can Make a Nomination?

Anyone may make a nomination. More...

Who should you nominate?

Anyone in our community who you believe needs our services. More...


The Nomination process is simple: complete a Nominate form on-line.

The on-line form has several short pages, each capturing specific information about the nomination.

Please note, that making a nomination does not insure that it will be accepted as a project by STEP WNC, nor that the requested work will be done. Even if a nominated person qualifies for services, there is no assurance that this or any other work will be done by STEP WNC.




In most cases, simply answer the questions on a page and click the Next button at the bottom.

On the last Review page, click the Submit button to actually make the nomination. More...

Step 1: Start

Who is making this Nomination?

Check the box affirming you are familiar with these guidelines and have the consent of the person being nominated.

Select the option describing the person making this nomination, you. More...

Step 2: Service

What STEP WNC Service is Requested?

Select the type of service requested. More...

Step 3: You

Your Contact Information.

Note: If you are nominating yourself skip to Step 4.

You must provide your name, mailing address and either an Email address or phone number.

If you provide an Email address we will send you a confirmation Email for this nomination. More...

Step 4: Client

Who are you Nominating?

Note: If you are nominating yourself this page is:

Nominating Yourself.

You must provide a full name, physical address, either an Email address or phone number (preferably both), and mailing address if different from the physical address. More...

Step 5: Work

One of three pages described below will be presented depending on the type of service requested in Step 2.

You are asked to describe the work you are requesting STEP WNC to perform for the person nominated. Please be as specific as possible. More...

What Home Repair Should be Addressed?

Enter specific information about the repairs requested. More...

What Firewood Delivery should be made?

Enter specific information about the need for firewood for home heating. More...

What Firewood is available for pickup?

We depend on donated hardwood for the firewood we can deliver to clients.

Enter specific information about the trees that are available, and especially where they are located. Note if any special care or equipment might be needed to access the trees. More...

Step 6: Other

Any additional information to share?

Enter any additional information you feel would be helpful in prioritizing and accepting this nomination.

Based on all that you know, including from this document and our Qualifications Policy, honestly answer the question, do you believe this work meets our requirements? More...

Step 7: Review

Review and submit Nomination.

The information you have entered is displayed on this page. Use the EDIT buttons or top Progress Bar buttons to make corrections.

Click Submit to make the nomination. More...

What Happens Next?

The STEP WNC Scheduling Coordinator will begin work following up on this nomination. More...