STEP WNC Services

The services provided by STEP WNC are outlined in this document. Familiarity with this information may help determine if needed services falls in the scope of our ministry.

Home Repair Ministry

The following types work are currently available as services to clients. This list may change as our resources, especially the skill set of out volunteers, change.

  • (List being developed)

Emergency Home Repair Ministry

Emergency home repairs are under taken in an expidited fashion, with the goal of resolving the issue as quickly as possible. As such they are given priority over normal home repairs. 

Only some home repair services qualify for this higher priority. In addition to posing a significant problem to the homeowner or family, currently only these services qualify:

  • (List being developed)


Firewood Delivery Ministry

We offer free firewood. A qualified client may arrange to pick up wood or have it delivered to their home.

Trees Pick up for Firewood Ministry

Another service, supporting our Firewood Delivery Ministry, is to pick up trees suitable for firewood.

Qualification for trees to be picked up for the Firewood Ministry.

  • Only Hardwood trees are accepted (no pine or fir trees.)
  • Trees must be down; that is, we cannot cut standing trees.
  • Trees must be free of any wires.