Volunteer Time Logging

Check In and Out

'GuesT' is not a registered volunteer.
1Check Out requires a recent Check In (within the past 18 hours on the same day).
2  A time range is logged by providing a Check In and Check Out time, or either the Check In or Check Out time and a Duration (the number of hours volunteered).
3  Enter time as 3:15, 10:50, or 9 (equals 9:00). AM or PM is automatically added after entering the first digit; change if necessary. Volunteer time is rounded to a tenth of an hour (6 minutes).
4  Enter volunteer time in hours (to a tenth of an hour, e.g., 3.5). Duration must be combined with either a Check In or Check Out time.
5  Enter your username first (automatically entered if you are logged in). You may add additional usernames of volunteers with you; all will receive the same volunteer time logging. Usernames are case insensitive. Separate usernames by a comma, space, or both.
6Look Up will check the current login status for each entered username.
7  After clicking the button you will be returned to the home page. This is your confirmation of successful time logging. Otherwise, an error message is display.