Ministry Needs Prayer List


Chain Saw

STEP WNC needs a chainsaw for use in the firewood ministry. Stihl makes a Farm Boss with a 20 inch bar. Estimated cost $400.
Firewood ⋄ In Prayer ⋄ 8/21/19 ⋄ ~

Computer System

Short term we need a small computer and printer and related networking hardware for our office staff. Estimated cost: $1000.
Administration ⋄ In Prayer ⋄ 7/17/19 ⋄ 9/22/19

Computer System

Longer term we need to expand our computer system by adding 2 or 3 additional computers and a color photo printer. Estimated cost is an additional $1500.
Administration ⋄ In Prayer ⋄ 7/29/19 ⋄ 9/22/19

Dump Truck

Our Firewood Ministry will transport a lot of wood, both as logs and split firewood. The need is for a 3/4 or 1 ton new or used truck. Estimated cost: $15,000 and up.
Firewood ⋄ In Prayer ⋄ 7/17/19 ⋄ ~

Firewood Manager

Our firewood ministry is ready for rapid growth to help many of our neighbors. Right now it is limited by not having a person dedicated to the ministry.
Firewood ⋄ In Prayer ⋄ 7/17/19 ⋄ 7/17/19

Office Space

Currently we have no home, meeting in public or donated space. As we grow, having a home of our own will become necessary. Estimated cost: $1000 per month.
Public Relations ⋄ In Prayer ⋄ 7/17/19 ⋄ 7/18/19

STEP WNC Mission Center

We have the God-sized dream to acquire 15-40 acres to house up to 200 short-term mission volunteers in Transylvania County, plus space for office, woodlot, shop and tool storage, and more.
Short-Term Missions ⋄ In Prayer ⋄ 7/22/19 ⋄ 9/21/19


STEP WNC needs a tractor as part of our firewood ministry.
Firewood ⋄ In Prayer ⋄ 7/29/19 ⋄ 7/29/19


Short term we have a lot of material to organize and post on this website. Long term this site will continue to be updated. The webmaster would work under the direction of our web designer.
Administration ⋄ In Prayer ⋄ 7/17/19 ⋄ 7/17/19


STEP WNC needs a 3/4 acre or larger lot in Transylvania County to store and process firewood. It needs to be truck accessible. We hope to put a storage building on-site for tools such as a wood splitter. Estimated cost is $15,000 for agricultural land.
Firewood ⋄ In Prayer ⋄ 7/19/19 ⋄ 7/20/19