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Who is making this Nomination?

Before you begin, please review the Nomination Guidelines and Qualifications Policy. Making a nomination is no guarantee that the work project will be approved. Even if approved, there may be a significant delay before the project will be done. The nominated individual may check the status of their project at any time.
Important! You must be familiar with the Nomination Guidelines, and you must have the permission of the individual being nominated. This is required to continue with this nomination.
I have read the Nomination Guidelines and have the consent of the person I am nominating.

What STEP WNC Service is Requested?

STEP WNC offers services as described in the STEP WNC Services document.
Please check what qualifies as an Emergency Home Repair.

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Please identify yourself. This information will be shared with the person being nominated and we will contact you to confirm this nomination or to seek clarification should it be needed. You must provide your name and street address and either an Email address or phone number.
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Who are you Nominating?


Please identify the person you are nominating to receive service from STEP WNC. You must provide a name, physical address, either an Email address or phone number, and their mailing address if different from their physical address.
If their mailing address is different from their physical address, please provide it here:

What Home Repair Should be Addressed?

In the box below please describe in general terms the need that you would like STEP WNC to address. (Enter at least 20 characters)

What Firewood delivery should be made?

In the box below please describe to the best of your ability the amount of firewood the nominated person needs, the amount they could use from STEP WNC, and any other information you feel is pertinent as to why you believe STEP WNC should deliver firewood to this nominated person. (Enter at least 20 characters)

What Firewood is available for pickup?

For safety reasons, STEP WNC cannot cut standing trees, nor can we work on trees entangled by wires. See our Acceptable Firewood Guidelines.
NOTICE: If you cannot check both the above boxes, please do not complete this nomination now, but have the issues addressed and submit a nomination when completed.
Please describe the number, relative size, and condition of the trees available. Please include the type of trees if known. Also include any unusual situations, like steep access, that you feel would be helpful to STEP WNC. (Enter at least 20 characters)

Any additional information to share?

In the box below please provide any other information you feel would be helpful to STEP WNC in evaluating this nomination, including why you feel the identified need is best addressed by STEP WNC. May be left blank.
To the best of your knowledge, do you believe this work falls within the Nomination Guidelines and Qualifications Policy?

Review and submit Nomination.